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Pearl Leather EDP
Pearl Leather EDP
Pearl Leather EDP

Pearl Leather EDP

Beach Geeza Fragrances
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Experience the coastal European vacation of your dreams...

Fragrance Family: Animalic

Olfactory Profile: (Sweet | Citrus | Leather)

Pearl Leather EDP Sensory Description:

Pearl Leather Eau de Parfum captures the dream of a high-end vacation in southern Italy where you drink in the good life.

Opening with delicious Limoncello and ozonic Watery Notes the images of coastal European hotels and poolside lounging will slip into your mind.   

As the scent develops on your skin notes of Saffron, Vinyl and creamy White Leather open up an elegant sexiness in the heart of the fragrance, like you've just stepped out of an illustrious sports car onto the sunbaked cobblestone streets of Positano to indulge in an afternoon of gallivanting and luxurious shopping with your special someone

Pearl Leather creates a stylish scent experience expressing that you are an aspirational person who has refined taste and enjoys the very best in life.      

Pearl Leather is a perfect match to layer with Beach Geeza favorites: Ocean Water and Coco Moon.  

Beach Geeza Pearl Leather EDP Notes:

Top: Limoncello, Watery Notes
Heart: Saffron, Vinyl, White Leather
Base: Amber, Vanilla, Castoreum, Tobacco, Woody Notes

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Maravilloso perfume

Uno de las mejores perfumes con olor a cuero que conozco, excelente performance.

Barbara Romano
great cologne

smells great

Christopher Campbell

Good fragrance...wonderful notes! Distinctive and of high quality. Not as strong as the other fragrances from the line up. I do wish it was a little stronger.

Pearl Leather - My Favorite from Beach Geeza!

Oh man! This is my 3rd fragrance from BG and my favorite!

This fragrance is truly unique and so wonderful in it's transitions. I own nothing that resembles this fragrance in a collection of about 30 fragrances.

I adore the opening with the Lemoncello and animalistic undertone, it feels like it has weight, I don't know if that comes from musks or what but that's how I can describe it. It's much more lemoncello though, evoked my Grandma's homemade lemon bars from good. Through the mid, the vinyl and white leather take the driver seat with the lemoncello and animalistic undertones throughout..very smooth and enjoyable, combination of luxury car leather and vinyl record, so cool. Lastly, the drydown of warm sweet vanilla and creamy woody notes. Long lasting, moderate projection. Interestingly on my skin, the transitions happened quicker and I was left with the drydown vanilla and woods for longer than on my clothes, which held the lemoncello and leather/vinyl much longer. Great work BG! More versatile than I originally thought, will wear this all year.

Jordan Richardson
Break out the Linen-Wear and Suede Sandals

On vacation,
Sun’s setting,
Bathed by golden rays.
The Amalfi Coast sea breeze wafting against your
Salty, invigorating citrus…warm & comforting amber…smooth, spicy, creamy, leather. Woody, musky, earthy… Not abrasive or synthetic…Not new car….A very balanced & well blended symphony to the senses… A transportive memorable experience…Another great release from Beach Geeza. Great job, Ryan!