Pearl Leather EDP
Pearl Leather EDP
Pearl Leather EDP

Pearl Leather EDP

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Experience the coastal European vacation of your dreams...

Fragrance Family: Animalic

Olfactory Profile: (Sweet | Citrus | Leather)

Pearl Leather EDP Sensory Description:

Pearl Leather Eau de Parfum captures the dream of a high-end vacation in southern Italy where you drink in the good life.

Opening with delicious Limoncello and ozonic Watery Notes the images of coastal European hotels and poolside lounging will slip into your mind.   

As the scent develops on your skin notes of Saffron, Vinyl and creamy White Leather open up an elegant sexiness in the heart of the fragrance, like you've just stepped out of an illustrious sports car onto the sunbaked cobblestone streets of Positano to indulge in an afternoon of gallivanting and luxurious shopping with your special someone

Pearl Leather creates a stylish scent experience expressing that you are an aspirational person who has refined taste and enjoys the very best in life.      

Pearl Leather is a perfect match to layer with Beach Geeza favorites: Ocean Water and Coco Moon.  

Beach Geeza Pearl Leather EDP Notes:

Top: Limoncello, Watery Notes
Heart: Saffron, Vinyl, White Leather
Base: Amber, Vanilla, Castoreum, Tobacco, Woody Notes

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Marc M.
Best Leather Fragrance

This is the best smelling leather fragrance I’ve used. It still has that slight animalic edge but not overpowering in the slightest, mixed with the white leather and limoncello it’s a fragrance you can wear year round in my opinion. It also lasts for a long time on my skin an easy 10+ hours.


Smoke and leather in the worst way.

thomas heermans
Very special bright fruity fresh blow up pool animal

This is immediately a love. Very special, very wearable, very bright and clean. Very niche quality. Absolute love for summer.

‘...fruity fresh blow up pool animal... ‘ Love this description, yes!! I’m happy you’ll have it this Summer

Melanie A
Warm and Dreamy

This scent is warm and dreamy to me because one, I absolutely love the smell of leather, and two I have the nose of a hound, so as it fades I can still pick out all the different hints this masterful concoction has to offer. Yum says my nose! I not only wear it alone or as a compliment to other scents but I also spray it over the pillows on my leather couch, and on my lounge chair so I can enjoy it while staying home. Pearl Leather definitely has a satisfying aroma.

Daniel N
Amazingly unique Scent

Pearl Leather is a unique take on a leather scent and I love it. The scent starts opens with a lemoncello smell and then a few minutes later the leather kicks in, but it is not your typical leather, think of it more of a clean leather or “white leather”. You also get a hint of a vinyl smell with the leather. Later in the scents life it dries down to a nice vanilla amber smell. This scent is also potent so you could rock it in the winter as well as summer. Overall I think you should try this scent even if you are not a fan over leather Scents.