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Coco Moon EDP 50ml by Beach Geeza - A tropical coconut pineapple woody vacation fragrance for warm spring or hot summer weather.
Coco Moon EDP
Coco Moon EDP
Coco Moon EDP
Coco Moon EDP
Coco Moon EDP 50ml by Beach Geeza - A tropical coconut pineapple woody fragrance for warm spring or hot summer vacations.
Coco Moon EDP

Coco Moon EDP

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Experience the tropical sun-drenched vacation of your dreams...

Fragrance Family: Woody Coconut

Olfactory Profile: (Fruity | Woody | Rich)

Coco Moon EDP Sensory Description:

The generously concentrated summer time fragrance everyone is talking about.

Coco Moon Eau de Parfum captures the essence of a luscious and relaxing beach vacation or a poolside party at a swanky tropical island bar.

Immediately notes of fresh pineapple, coconut, and rich creamy European sun cream evoke images of fresh piña coladas on warm sandy shores.

Light notes of tuberose and jasmine add an exotic sensuousness to the heart of the fragrance. Meanwhile, hints of benzoin and vanilla gently intermingle with the salty air notes and compliment the soothing layers of sandalwood and oakmoss in the base.

Coco Moon clings to your skin all day and is guaranteed to get you compliments from your special someone, passerbys by at the club, or from a late-night rendezvous!

Coco Moon is a perfect match to layer with Beach Geeza favorites: Ocean Water and Juniper Java.  

Beach Geeza Coco Moon EDP Notes:

Top: Bergamot, Fresh Pineapple
Heart: Coconut, Tuberose, Jasmine
Base: Benzoin, Sandalwood, Cedar Wood, Oak Moss, Vanilla

Coco Moon Formulations: EDP vs. EDT

Eau de Parfum: Rich, woody and loud. You will get noticed when wearing Coco Moon EDP. Perfect for a night out in any climate, attracting a potential playmate, or for those who want some beast mode.
Eau de Toilette: Fresh with a bright opening and a nuanced experience of tropical notes and woods. Perfect for daytime and casual Friday’s at the office.

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Ryan Springer

Smells like you're on a beach
Will get the bigger bottle next time

My new favorite

I’m about to buy my second bottle in under a year!! I’m glad my bro recommended this to me, now, I can do the same for anyone looking for something that’s definitely different. It has a wonderful sillage and it will definitely turn the head of men, women and other. 💯❌💯


I read that this was a "beachy" scent, but not at all. Smells like a men's cologne, so I gave it to my husband and he likes it.

paul Lapides

It’s nice and different not beast mode I need to give it time

K. O'Keefe
Everyone say “OoooOo!!”

That is the most common reaction when people around me smell Coco Moon.
I love it- heavy on the fruity at first but not overly sweet. It’s more warm, radiating musk/ sun tan oil than sunscreen- perfectly gender neutral- they’re on to something here.