Mission and Values

Our Mission:

At Beach Geeza our mission is to give people a sense of wanderlust and vacation nostalgia.  

We want you to feel and smell like you’re living on island time, that wonderful state of being where you’re hungry to experience everything, yet there’s no hurry to do anything.  


The BG Core Values:

  • We offer a unique and unforgettable experience to our customers
  • Everything we do emenates a warm vibe.
  • We create and sell products that transport you.
  • We believe productive playfulness is a way of life.
  • No matter the situation we keep moving towards higher quality for everything.
  • Regular beach vacations are essential to keeping the Beach Geeza spirit alive.

We are a unique Fragrance House

All Beach Geeza fragrances are personally formulated by selft-taught Perfumer and Owner Ryan Hunts. He travels the world seeking the best natural oils and industry standard fragrance molecules to use in his scents so you can have the most transportive experience possible. 

We do not use any colorful dyes, parabens, or chemical preservatives in our fragrances. Your body is a temple and we only want the safest ingredients for our customers.  We never test our products on animals and we never will.

As a fragrance house our goal is to serve our customers for many years to come with some of the finest and most unique beach vacation inspired fragrances in the world.

Enjoy Life & Smell Extraordinary!