The Perfumer Ryan Hunts

Ryan Hunts Perfumer Nose Behind Beach Geeza Warm Weather & Vacation Fragrances.


Welcome, I’m Ryan Hunts, founder and perfumer of Beach Geeza.

Please join me to explore a world of fragrance that invites you to expand and enrich your life with beach aromas, positive vibes, and exotic natural ingredients.

For 20 years I’ve told stories through motion pictures as a professional Director & Cinematographer. However, somewhere during my career, I realized images alone only tell a fraction of any tale—especially of personal experiences.

I found that images of my memories mostly reminded me of settings. However, smells associated with my memories, instantly revived life and vivid detail back into my remembrances. They tapped back into the deep powerful emotions attached to my most cherished times, places, and people.

I realized no other sense is as captivating, compelling, and complete as smell.

Only the familiar aroma of foods, plants, events, places, or people have the power to completely transport your mind and feelings back to the original time and place of a memory—as if you were reliving it again.

From many travels to distant locations such as the spice markets in Jaipur India, to the jungle temples in Bali Indonesia, I became fascinated with the diverse and exciting scents of the world. I discovered the distinctive aromas of a location capture both the literal feeling (essence) of that place and they ARE the cultural identity of its landscapes, its weather, its food, and its people.

Then, one day, a clear vision came to me…and the concept of Beach Geeza was formed:

I realized that our sense of smell is the ultimate portal, unlocking our purest and most complete exploration and recollection of our life’s experiences.

From that moment I knew I had to pass on this understanding with other like-minded fragrance lovers like you!

As a self-taught perfumer, and highly experimental by nature, I threw myself into the art and science of scent creation. Over a few years I obsessively worked through hundreds of compositions, constantly learning and formulating. This led me to formulate, refine, and eventually release a line of distinctive, bold, and exotic artisanal niche fragrances to share with you.

All Beach Geeza fragrances aim to create unique and transportive experiences. We believe fragrances should offer you some immediate self-indulgent happiness. Afterall, a happy smile, or a dose of instant confidence, is always just a few sprays away.

As a fellow fragrance lover (fraghead), I have committed myself to the long-term quality and vision of Beach Geeza. I oversee all aspects of the Beach Geeza niche perfume house, staying true to its independently owned and operated spirit from my artisanal fragrance studio in Austin, Texas, USA.

Our time is short, so enjoy life and smell extraordinary my friends,