Pearl Leather EDT
Pearl Leather EDT
Pearl Leather EDT

Pearl Leather EDT

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A lighter experience of the European vacation of your dreams...

Fragrance Family: Animalic

Olfactory Profile: (Sweet | Citrus | Leather)

Pearl Leather EDT Sensory Description:

With Pearl Leather Eau de Toilette we wanted to create a similar scent profile as the EDP but with a lighter experience on the skin that's ideal to wear in warmer climates.  Just because it's a leather fragrance doesn't mean it can't be enjoyed year round and on your next beach vacation!

Opening with zesty sweet Limoncello, ozonic Watery Notes and light suntan oil you'll be ready to coast through that resort lobby with swagger.   

As the scent develops on your skin lighter notes of Saffron, Vinyl and creamy White Leather open up an elegant sexiness in the heart of the fragrance, like you've just opened up your Italian leather suitcase to unpack in your hotel room before jaunting downstairs to hit up the poolside bar. 

Pearl Leather EDT creates a stylish scent experience expressing that you are an aspirational person who has refined taste and enjoys the very best in life.      

Pearl Leather is a perfect match to layer with Beach Geeza favorites: Ocean Water and Coco Moon.  

Beach Geeza Pearl Leather EDP Notes:

Top: Limoncello, Watery Notes, Suntan Oil,
Heart: Saffron, Vinyl, White Leather
Base: Amber, Vanilla, Castoreum, Tobacco, Woody Notes

Customer Reviews

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Norma Bayreaux
Amazing scent

This fragrance is absolutely amazing. Very masculine scent but not overpowering. This will definitely be a staple in my husbands collection

Really sets a scene

I hopped on to pick up a bottle of Ocean Water EDT (beautiful, strongly recommend) and saw this, got curious and clicked, got more curious after seeing the note breakdown and bought the 15ml. This. Is. WEIRD. In a good way. It doesn’t smell exactly like it, but it reminds me SO MUCH of the pool my grandmother used to take my sisters and I to when we were children. My partner gets taken back to the lake they used to go to with their friends in the summer. This might not be everyone’s experience, but for us, this is bottled nostalgia. Will definitely be picking up the 50ml when this runs out.


Nice and pleasant it's a good fall one two smell amazing