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Ocean Water EDP 50ml by Beach Geeza - A Marine Aquatic Citrus Woody Fragrance for warm spring or hot summer vacation holidays.
Ocean Water EDP 50ml by Beach Geeza - An Aquatic Citrus Woody Musky Fragrance for warm spring or hot summer exotic vacations.
Ocean Water EDP

Ocean Water EDP

Beach Geeza
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The essence of beach therapy; unwind at your leisure...

Fragrance Family: Oceanic

Olfactory Profile: (Fresh | Marine | Woody)

Ocean Water EDP Sensory Description:

Transport yourself to a revitalizing day on a refreshing sunny beach.

Ocean Water Eau de Parfum opens with fresh aqueous and citrus notes that develop into alluring sea salt and driftwood accords. Over time, the base uncovers musk and a rare white ambergris that wraps skin and clothing in the freshness reminiscent of a leisurely beach day.

Like a cool crisp seascape on the Pacific Coast, you and those near you, will smell the tranquility and quality of Ocean Water on your skin.

If you’re in need some relaxing Beach therapy, this scent will help to soothe your senses. 

Ocean Water layers exceptionally well with other Beach Geeza fragrances like Coco Moon and Juniper Java.  

Beach Geeza Ocean Water EDP Notes:

Top: Cucumber, Bergamot
Heart: Sea Salt, Driftwood
Base: Ambergris, White Musk

** Not suitable for vegans: contains Ethical Ambergris.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
corian barrett (brother Tennessee)
It smells exactly like what it says

I love this fragrance, the scent reminds me being on the coast, with the smell of the ocean coming from the breeze, also stack this with coco moon my goodness lol, you got a combination.

I have bay rum, coco moon, and ocean water, juniper java, I normally use this for special occasions this is a girlfriend privilege fragrance lol

Out of all the fragrances I purchased coco moon is my fragrance.

Walk on the beach.....

Ocean Water is a true beauty and was an instant love for me. It has this way of transporting your mind right to a walk on the beach in the morning. It has this aromatic aquatic quality to it. Upon initial spray it is a breath of fresh beach air. The cucumber and bergamot with the salt is so refreshing. The driftwood is unmistakable giving it a bit of oomph but dry down though is wear this shines. The ambergris and driftwood warm up giving it this slightly musky spicy quality while remaining ever so fresh. It has amazing longevity and the sillage wafts all around you. It’s an addictive scent that others will compliment and enjoy.

John Gregorio
Summer bomb scent

Showed some of My Brothers who love fragrances and they thought Ocean Water was super unique and layered with Coco Moon it's off the chain compliments Monster "" Great job Ryan 👍😏

A niche that lasts

I am a big fan of aquatic colognes. This cologne was not cookie cutter following a typical “blue” fragrance formula. Instead this has complexity that has you smelling yourself over the course of the day where you pleasantly notice how the notes change. What impressed me the most was that this had longevity that outlasted my work day which included stress sweat. Personal conversation with the owner was a great touch that made me a repeat customer. I highly recommend this cologne.

Ocean Water INSTANTLY Transports to You a Beach with No Worries & Umbrella Cocktails

Ocean water takes me back to sunbathing in Mexico, Spain, and Southern California.. even in the cold winter months.

I love how the rich depth of ambergris base still allows the oceanic salt and bergamot to shine through and lift your spirits.

If you are looking for a warm weather fresh fragrance. Or if you're searching for a pleasing aroma to remind you of warmer seasons, including those HOT night and close encounters in exotic beach cities, then look no further than Ocean Water by Beach Geeza.

Also, Beach Geeza customer service is out of this world. They quickly responded to an issue I had and went above any beyond to make sure everything was perfect. Little did they know they gained a customer for life in the process.

- Cheers to Wonderful Unique Fragrances and to Caring for Your Customers Like Close Friends (Toast: raising a Daiquiri)