Juniper Java EDP 50ml by Beach Geeza - An exotic jungle woody citrus green barbarshop fragrance for warm spring or  hot summer weather.
Juniper Java EDP 50ml by Beach Geeza - An exotic woody citrus green jungle barbarshop fragrance for warm spring or  hot summer weather.
Juniper Java EDP

Juniper Java EDP

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Transport yourself to the Coastal Jungle of Bali...

Fragrance Family: Aromatic Fougère ('Barbershop-esque')

Olfactory Profile: (Green | Spicy | Rich)

Juniper Java EDP Sensory Description:

Juniper Java, the signature scent of Beach Geeza Perfumer Ryan Hunts. This deeply mysterious lush green jungle inspired fragrance instantly elevates your status and appeal anywhere you adventure.

It’s packed with distinctive and complex natural oils such as Yerba Mate and Java Vetiver.

Juniper Java Eau de Parfum makes a statement. It's for individuals who want a fragrance that smells absolutely unique, lasts a long time on your skin, and says you’re a person who gets what they want in life and has a damn good time doing it.

Juniper Java layers perfectly with other Beach Geeza fragrances like Coco Moon and Ocean Water.  

Grab a bottle and see where the journey takes you!

Beach Geeza Juniper Java EDP Notes:

Top Notes: Sicilian Citron
Heart Notes: French Juniper, Lush Jungle, Yerba Mate
Base Notes: Java Vetiver, Sandalwood, Oak Moss

Juniper Java Formulations: EDP vs. EDT

Eau de Parfum: Dark, green and mysterious. Whether you want to feel like a mysterious celebrity or a high-powered CEO, Juniper Java EDP makes a unique statement. Great in Fall through Spring.
Eau de Toilette: An intense orange citrus opening with Juniper and Mandarin,  transitioning into the classic jungle notes of Java Vetiver and Yerba Mate. Great for Spring and Summer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Terry Smiles
One Of The Best Houses On This Planet!!!(Period)

All i can say is everyone of Beach Geezas Fragrances are fire!!!(Period)

James Kelly
Turbo boost that constantly kicks in!

If I can't smell it all day, I say it's no good. Well Ryan knows exactly what he's doing. I spray Juniper Java on my shirt. I constantly smell it all day without it skipping a beat. The other reviews are correct. It leaves a trail, and it draws attention. Good attention I might add. If you are in a room, it scents the room. That's what I like about this colonge. It is strong without an overbearing scent for being as strong as it is . It has always been awesome compliments from both sexes. Give this colonge a try. "You can't go wrong if you like it strong!"

Deshawn Sherfield
Get you some Java!

Very well blended, it's a beast mode fragrance, when I walk through the store with it on it leave a trail. You won't go wrong with Juniper Java I'm on my second bottle🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

E. B. (NYC: the No Compliment City)
Exotic Beauty

This is what I would call a fresh and classy scent made possible by using quality French Junipers. There's nothing like it out there. You will stand out in a crowd, for sure. The scent trail you leave behind will get you noticed. This juice should be getting all the hype.