Ocean Water EDT 50ml by Beach Geeza Fragrances - A Marine Aquatic Citrus Woody unisex eau de toilette for warm or seasons and vacation holidays.
Ocean Water EDP 50ml by Beach Geeza - An Aquatic Citrus Woody Musky Fragrance for warm spring or hot summer exotic vacations.
Ocean Water EDT 15ml by Beach Geeza Fragrances - A Fresh Light Marine Aquatic Citrus Woody eau de toilette for warm spring or hot summer vacation holidays.

Ocean Water EDT

Beach Geeza Fragrances
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Soothing beach therapy; unwind at your leisure...

Fragrance Family: Oceanic & Aquatic

Olfactory Profile: (Fresh | Marine | Woody)

Ocean Water EDT Sensory Description:

As a true expression of the beach experience, Ocean Water EDT is a fragrance you can spray on more than once during the day. It’s also perfect for layering with any of your favorite Beach Geeza fragrances. 

And as an enhancer of sex appeal, Ocean Water EDT is designed for everyone who likes the fresh transportive smells of oceanic vacations and lighter fragrances that get you compliments yet don’t fumigate the room. 

Ocean Water EDT is first rate at blending with your natural body chemistry. It’s an easy reach for anyone who wants a fragrance that can be worn daily and for any occasion.

But just because its ‘light’ doesn’t mean it misses out on those classic Beach Geeza scent transitions, this is not a one trick fragrance. 

At first spray it you’ll be immersed in refreshing notes of aqueous cucumber and zesty bergamot. After the opening, the real magic happens. In this EDT there is a more pronounced fresh rain note after the opening that shifts the fragrance toward the scent of walking on a salty seaside with driftwood.

The base settles on skin with scents of white musk and ambergris.   

Ocean Water EDT is for anyone of any age. It’s perfect to layer with another Beach Geeza fragrance, for the ultimate beach vacation experience. And many fans attest to wearing it alone to transport themselves back to their favorite beaches. Ocean Water EDT is a fragrance you can wear with confidence for any occasion  with no worries.

Ocean Water layers exceptionally well with other Beach Geeza fragrances like Coco Moon and Juniper Java.  

Beach Geeza Ocean Water EDT Notes:

Top: Cucumber, Bergamot
Heart: Fresh Rain, Sea Salt, Driftwood
Base: White Musk, Ambergris

** Not suitable for vegans: contains Ethical Ambergris.

Ocean Water Formulations: EDT vs. EDP

Eau de Toilette: Fresh, clean, and easy to wear for any time or occasion. Will get you noticed with its subtle sexiness. Has a nice note of fresh rain in the heart. Perfect for the intense heat of the Summer. 
Eau de Parfum: A darker sexy beach fragrance. Experience the closest representation of walking on the shore with notes of driftwood and natural earthy ambergris.    

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

My girlfriend absolutely adores it

Love the fragrance

I love Ocean Water! It’s light and airy and just refreshing. I always get asked what I have on when I put it on. I wished you included with my order some samples for me to try! I would maybe make another purchase.


I love it🥰🥰

Jason Roberson
Stellar Scent

Love Ocean water on its own or layered with Coco Moon, or Peal Leather. Stellar fragrance with great longevity and projection. As others have said, a photo realistic take on a marine scent.

Richard Simonis
Ocean Water EDT

One of my absolute favorite fragrances. Alone, it's subtle but clean. Also layers very well with other summer fragrances. 10/10