Bay Rum EDT 50ml by Beach Geeza Fragrances - A light boozy spicy woodsy and aromatic eau de toilette for cool fall or cold winter evenings.
Bay Rum EDP 50ml by Beach Geeza Fragrances - A light boozy spicy woodsy and aromaticeau de toilette for cooler seasons or close encounters.
Bay Rum EDT 15ml by Beach Geeza Fragrances - A lighter boozy spicy woodsy aromatic unisex eau de toilette for cool fall or colder winter seasons.

Bay Rum EDT

Beach Geeza Fragrances
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Boozy & Spicy like Caribbean Pirate Life...

Fragrance Family: Aromatic Spicy

Olfactory Profile: (Boozy | Spicy | Woody)

Bay Rum EDT Sensory Description:

Booze & Spice that make every season nice.

In this Eau de Toilette we combined Bay Rum’s natural DNA with light natural oils for rum up front because more rum makes everything better! The overall effect is a soothing boozy and woodsy aroma with a hint of creamy Masala Chai.

The sweet and creamy dry down will make you smell delicious and entice that special someone nearer into your charms. 

Bay Rum Eau de Toilette layers exceptionally well with Beach Geeza’s annual seasonal batch of Cocoa Moon

Beach Geeza Bay Rum EDT Notes:

Top: Rum, Bay Leaf, Nutmeg
Heart: Cane Sugar, Cardamom, Cassia, Allspice, Clove
Base: Oak, Chai, Balsam, Benzoin

Bay Rum Formulations: EDT vs. EDP

Eau de Toilette: A Boozy, Creamy, more nuanced all season exploration of the Caribbean.
Eau de Parfum: A Bold, Spicy, and more woody concentrated experience.  

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Bay Rum

Love, love, love this fragrance! Just a hint of creaminess to keep the spice from being too sharp!