Jet Set EDP
Jet Set EDP 50ml by Beach Geeza - A classy and refined fougere fragrance for gentlemen or women for warm spring or hot summer weather.
Jet Set EDP

Jet Set EDP

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Relive the Luxury & Sophistication of a 1960's Pan Am Flight bound for a South Pacific Holiday...

Fragrance Family: Fougère

Olfactory Profile: (Citrus | Fresh | Green)

Jet Set EDP Sensory Description:

Fresh. Bold. Refined.

These virtues of style collide in a Sixties inspired barbershop Fougère.

Jet Set Eau de Parfum opens with a combined blast of Neroli, Sweet Orange, and Bergamot to awaken your senses.

The aura of Jasmine and light Marine notes settle into a mixture of green barbershop accords, leaving you refreshed and energized for a career milestone or a globetrotting holiday adventure.

Jet Set’s staying power is equal only to its sophistication, individuality, and its bravado.

Whether you're out for a hot night out on the town, or with fellow fragrance lovers; Jet Set will make you feel first-class.

It's the calling card of a distinguished gentleman, or an assertive woman, who blaze their own path and leave a lasting impression!

Jet Set layers beautifully with Beach Geeza classics: Coco Moon & Ocean Water.  

Beach Geeza Jet Set EDP Notes:

Top: Neroli, Sweet Orange, Bergamot
Heart: Sea Salt, Shave Soap, Jasmine, Cypriol
Base: Oak Moss, Liatrix, Patchouli, Ambergris, Tobacco Leaf

Jet Set Formulations: EDP vs. EDT

Eau de Parfum: Bold, commanding, and clean feeling heart notes leave you feeling invigorated like you just closed a major business deal and are now jetting down to the South Pacific to celebrate. Great for Spring, Summer, and Fall.
Eau de Toilette: A burst of energizing orange citrus. transitioning into French Soap and first-class Leather nuance. Great for Spring and Summer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
D Mitchell

This is my 2nd bottle. That's all you need to know. I even have the travel 15ml, so I have it everywhere I go. It's amazing. Just get it. (Btw, I have only used the EDP versions, so I can't speak for the EDT version)

Another Amazing Scent

This is such a unique scent. If you like a fougere with less spice, more shaving foam, and an old wood smell in the background, then you might like this one. I love that old wood smell, it might be from the Cypriol, but it's one of my favorite notes. This one is probably not for everyone, it's quite unique. Transportive.

Martin Soto
Jet Set EDP

Initial scent is masculine and strong but shortly mellows nicely on my skin to a warm scent that does not distract.

Geoffrey Meadows
Fantastic scent

The scent itself is at once classic and unique. A Fougere with aquatic touches. Masterful. I gave it four stars because the price is incredibly high for 50ml of an edp and not an extrait. Would love to see at least 75 ml for that price, if not 90.

So it’s not what I thought but….

Not sure what I was expecting but at first sniff I thought it was a bit challenging for my taste. Left it alone for a few days then decided to wear and sample. So now I dig it, to me it’s a fougere with an herbal tinge, a green shade to it. Good performance and surprisingly my wife who hates almost everything commented on it. “You smell good, and clean”. So I’ll sample further in a rotation. But FYI it’s not your usual “pretty shave cream” scent. There’s a DARK green shade to it, but it’s pretty nice. Sample first but if you like Fougere type scents you’ll probably dig it.