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Beach Geeza EDP Fragrance Discovery Set

Beach Geeza EDP Fragrance Discovery Set

Beach Geeza Fragrances
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Sample the entire Beach Geeza Fragrance EDP (Eau de Parfum) line!  

Coco Moon - Lying on a sunny beach, sipping a tropical drink.

Ocean Water - A fresh Pacific sea breeze, blowing on a beach house balcony. 

Pearl Leather - A trip to Southern Italy, Limoncello and  White Leather Saffron.

Bay Rum - A spicy boozy concoction with a sweet creamy dry down.  

Juniper Java - A lush jungle barbershop, containing green Juniper & Vetiver.

Jet Set - A fougere with citrus, neroli, and green barbershop accords for a refined & assertive individual.

Each sample pack comes with 1.5ml spray vials inside an environmentally friendly drawstring bag.      

Experience that vacation way of being and order your Beach Geeza EDP Discovery Set today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Daniel N
Great way to sample the house!

This is a great way to get your nose on all of the beach geeza fragrances. I will say all of these scents are very potent and have great longevity, so even tho they’re summer scents I think you could rock them year round .My two favorites from this set were pearl leather and coco moon.

Jermaine Perry
My 1st time experiencing the brand

I was pleasantly surprised at this company. I got the discovery set and haven’t stop using them yet. I ordered the full size for 2 of the fragrances. I really like this brand.

Anna Archdale
Trying others confirmed my preference!

I liked the other perfumes, but still continue to be Cocoa Moon's biggest fan! I desperately need an outlet in Mexico!

Hershel Shipman
Love a bunch of them

This is the EDP sampler.

Coco moon: a beach holiday. Very pineapple and coconut forward. Pina colada but with wood. Relaxing. Tons of compliments.

Juniper Java: I was expecting to like this but I didn’t. I’m a huge fan of gin. To me it’s just straight juniper branches but without woodiness or fruit notes to give it depth. Over powering too. Edt might be better but I haven’t tried that set yet. Just over powering juniper as a single note to me.

Old bay: simple but effective. Rum forward with a woody background. Great scent though not necessarily the most unique. When I opened the package this one popped up even though I didn’t go through any yet. Projects, lots of longevity. 7.5/10 good scent

Ocean water: subtle, very realistic ocean scent. Savory, salty, iodine, with a bit of wood like there’s some kelp and drift wood. Not the most projecting but long lasting. In my top 3 of the set.

Jet Set: most barbershop like of the sampler. Fresh, a bit ozonic. Layers well. I’d tie this one with Old Bay in the 3/4 spot.

Great sampler set overall. Only one I didn’t like and that was a surprise really. Since I normally really like juniper normally. I should do the edt set to compare eventually.

Charles webb
Love this House

Looking forward to the seasons changing so I can give these fragrances some burn