Beach Geeza EDP Fragrance Discovery Set

Beach Geeza EDP Fragrance Discovery Set

Beach Geeza Fragrances
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Sample the entire Beach Geeza Fragrance EDP (Eau de Parfum) line!  

Coco Moon - Lying on a sunny beach, sipping a tropical drink.

Ocean Water - A fresh Pacific sea breeze, blowing on a beach house balcony. 

Pearl Leather - A trip to Southern Italy, Limoncello and  White Leather Saffron.

Bay Rum - A spicy boozy concoction with a sweet creamy dry down.  

Juniper Java - A lush jungle barbershop, containing green Juniper & Vetiver.

Jet Set - A fougere with citrus, neroli, and green barbershop accords for a refined & assertive individual.

Each sample pack comes with 1.5ml spray vials inside an environmentally friendly drawstring bag.      

Experience that vacation way of being and order your Beach Geeza EDP Discovery Set today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Jason Quinn
Every Scent is a BANGER!!!

Woooooooow!!! I ordered the EDP Discovery Set. Really because of Coco Moon. Coco Moon is the greatest coconut scent I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing . I heard Ocean Water was in its own right, amazing. This is true, so clean. But what about Juniper Java?? So fresh. Jet Set .. long lasting and unique. Bay Rum .. Crazy spicy! These are 100% BEAST MODE, a little does a lot. Ryan, I thought the Flowbee was the greatest contribution your family had made to human kind, until I discovered Beach Gezza. Thank you my friend, my search to find my own unique scent is now complete.


Pearl Leather and Coco Moon are my favorites from the set. Great sample set overall.


a variety of amazing long lasting scents

Jaye Patrice
Quality Fragrances

I purchased the EDP discovery set as a stocking stuffer for my son. Beautiful fragrances with amazing silage; my son is already talking about purchasing a full-sized bottle for himself.

Byron Shaw
Discovery set

Awesome way to experience the Awesome fragrences