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The Beach Geeza Fragrance Discovery Set Contains Coco Moon, Bay Rum, Ocean Water,  Jet Set & Junper Java.

Beach Geeza Fragrance Discovery Set

Beach Geeza
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Sample the entire Beach Geeza Fragrance Eau de Parfum line!  

Coco Moon - Lying on a sunny beach, sipping a tropical drink.

Ocean Water - A fresh Pacific sea breeze, blowing on a beach house balcony. 

Bay Rum - A spicy boozy concoction with a sweet creamy dry down.  

Juniper Java - A lush jungle barbershop, containing green Juniper & Vetiver.

Jet Set - A fougere with citrus, neroli, and green barbershop accords for a refined & assertive individual.

Each sample pack comes with 1.5ml spray vials inside an environmentally friendly drawstring bag.      

Experience that vacation way of being and order your Beach Geeza Discovery set today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Troy Johnson
Mr Troy Johnson

Loved it coco moon was my favorite but all solid scents I’m gonna order the smaller size of the jetset to check it out enjoy this perfume house looking forward to more.

Noel’s Frags
Something Different

Nice offerings from an indie house on the rise!

Ron Hirang
Beach Geeza Discovery Set

The fragrances in the set are so unique that they cannot be compared to any other fragrances out there. Each fragrance evokes memories of vacationing in a tropical paradise.

Dimitrius Truesdale
Really happy

Really happy with the purchase. I was interested in coco moon but now I am hooked on ocean water and surprisingly like all of the cents great stuff.

Great product

Would definitely buy again. Coco moon feels like I am on vacation.