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The Beach Geeza Discovery Set - Coco Moon, Beach Geeza - Beach Geeza,  - coconut perfume

The Beach Geeza Discovery Set

Beach Geeza
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Now you can sample the entire Beach Geeza Eau de Parfum line!  

Coco Moon - Smells like sipping a tropical drink on a sunny beach.

Bay Rum - A spicy, boozy concoction with a sweet creamy dry down.  

Ocean Water - Like the fresh sea air on the balcony of a Beach House. 

Juniper Java - A Jungle barbershop fragrance with Juniper and Vetiver.

Each sample pack comes with 1.5ml spray vials and arrives in an environmentally friendly Beach Geeza muslin bag.      

Experience what all the fragrance world has been talking about and get your Beach Geeza Discovery set today!

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