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The Beach Geeza Fragrance Discovery Set Contains Coco Moon, Bay Rum, Ocean Water, & Junper Java.
Beach Geeza Fragrance Discovery Set Contains Coco Moon, Bay Rum, Ocean Water, & Junper Java - Niche Natural Perfumery.

Beach Geeza Discovery Set

Beach Geeza
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Sample the entire Beach Geeza Eau de Parfum line!  

Coco Moon - Smells like sipping a tropical drink on a sunny beach.

Bay Rum - A spicy, boozy concoction with a sweet creamy dry down.  

Ocean Water - A fresh sea breeze, blowing on the balcony of a Beach House. 

Juniper Java - A lush Jungle barbershop fragrance with Juniper & Vetiver.

Each sample pack comes with 1.5ml spray vials inside an environmentally friendly drawstring bag.      

Experience that vacation way of being and order your Beach Geeza Discovery set today!

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Was blown away.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a fragrance “wow” me. But these all did exactly that. Bold & different yet absolutely beautiful. Can’t wait to have them all. Great job Ryan 🤘🏼

Perfect Choice

If you’re ever unsure about liking a scent, obviously get a sample set. Each of these have a unique and beautiful aroma. They all smell wonderful and are long lasting. If I’m rating from favorite to least favorite it would be: 1. Coco moon 2. Bay Rum 3. Ocean Water 4. Juniper Java

But again they all smell great! Don’t take my word for it, get the sample set, I would guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. You’ll be back for more.

Great Products, Great Service, Great Quality

I am simply blown away by this company. The product are unlike anything else. Their smell and performance are second to none. You can tell Ryan loves what he do. He puts his heart into every bottle. Beach Geeza please don't change.

accurate scent.

coco moon smells like you are a walking pina colada and pineapple.

bay rum is a strong potent winter scent,

ocean water smells like you are near a ocean on a pier or a beach, and you get strongs wiffs of the ocean from the ocean breeze

juniper java is a barbershop scent, smells even better when layered with coco moon