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The Beach Geeza EDT Fragrance Discovery Set Contains Coco Moon, Bay Rum, Ocean Water, Jet Set & Junper Java.

Beach Geeza EDT Fragrance Discovery Set

Beach Geeza Fragrances
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Sample the entire Beach Geeza Fragrance EDT (Eau de Toilette) line!  

Coco Moon - Remind yourself of your favorite or dream vacation basking in the sun, sipping a tropical drink.

Ocean Water - A fresh aquatic/marine experience like a fresh breeze into a sunny beach house. 

Bay Rum - A boozy, spicy, and aromatic fragrance for all seasons.  

Juniper Java - A lush jungle barbershop, formulated to spray for the relief of warm weather.

Jet Set - A modern fougere with luxury, class, and sex appeal in a modern style.

Each sample pack comes with 1.5ml spray vials inside an environmentally friendly drawstring bag.      

Experience that vacation way of being and order your Beach Geeza EDT Discovery Set today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Cheryl Taylor
Fragrance sample kit

While I remain partial to Ocean Water, I’m also loving Coco Moon! They are all really gentle and light. Not overpowering. Very classy fragrances and a scent for everyone!

Kelly Loughran
Absolutely phenomenal

I swear it’s like you are on the beach in paradise! I absolutely love every sent as does my other half. My favorite is my cocoa moon but love them all. I got these as a gift for a friend who was blown away by how amazing they smell as well as how long the sent lasts. Highly recommend getting! Not to forget fantastic customer service.