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Juniper Java Eau de Parfum - 15ml - Coco Moon, Beach Geeza - Beach Geeza, 15ml Travel Sprayer - coconut perfume

Juniper Java Eau de Parfum - 15ml

Beach Geeza
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Imagine the scent of a barbershop that’s just tucked into the jungle a little ways from a tropical beach. When you step into this barbershop you smell fresh citrus notes.  As you walk past the barbers chair you smell french juniper and notes of fresh cut hay, wafts of sandalwood and oak moss swirl around you. When you step back outside you can smell the salty sea air mixing with the smell of vetiver grass from the island of Java.

Sicilian Citron,
French Juniper, Lush Jungle Accord, Mate,
Java Vetiver, Sandalwood, Oak Moss